Callisto Network vision

Initial vision: testground for ETC ecosystem

The goal of the project: Security DAO

  • It was originally intended to be turned into a DAO that could operate autonomously. We faced a number of issues that prevented us from implementing the original idea of Security DAO and therefore we didn’t achieve this goal until now.
  • Insurance Department is a promising feature that can be developed and promoted by Callisto Network but it is still not implemented.

Unique features: security, cold-staking, governance

Security Department of Callisto Network


Governance: Treasury

The policy of financial transparency

Incubator of Ideas

The recent success of NFTs

Projects that joined Callisto ecosystem

Crosschain Bridge

  • Introduce an abstracted bridge system which would allow for the implementation of a non-EVM bridges
  • Improve decentralization
  • Improve automatization of the bridges
  • Research the possibility of bridge monetization and possibly provide Bridge-as-a-Service features to multiple side projects

Consensus mechanism upgrade

  • POW-POS hybrid consensus implementation
  • Consensus layer masternodes implementation
  • POW upgrade

Consensus mechanism upgrade researched by Dr.ZS at Callisto Enterprise

  • Voting blocks
  • Proposing blocks
  • Transaction blocks

Expanding the engagement

Exchange listings



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