Callisto Russian community AMA (9/14/2019)

  1. Yes. We are actively researching this. If this were a different market phase, we would have already switched to a newer protocol architecture.
    The main issue here is exchange support. We are in danger of being delisted from our current exchanges if we decide to switch or migrate into a new type of protocol right now.
  2. Yes it is planned. It is not yet decided which exactly protocol we will use, but it is likely that we will be developing a modification of EOS network.
    Default EOS has a number of issues that I will describe 2 weeks later.
  1. Developed, implemented and settled a fully functional system of smart-contract audits paid at protocol level.
  2. Developed a reference implementation of the above mentioned Cold Staking v2 and the Governance System. This is in debugging stage currently.
  3. Pirlguard. This is not our own invention but we definitely implemented it and resolved all the attacks that the network struggled.
  • Cold Staking: live, operating
  • Auditing Department: live, operating
  • Governance System: developed, under debugging
  1. It’s slow. 15 tx/s is archaic now.
  2. Transaction fees. This creates a problem of microtransactions.
  3. Bad smart-contracts. You can’t build a complex system on Ethereum contracts.
  4. The Solc proprietary compiler, which needs at least another 20 years of development to bring it into a usable state.
  1. Turn CLO into a token at EOS mainnet
  2. OR launch a EOS-based sidechain for CLO
  3. OR launch a new chain based on EOS modification and make it a new CLO mainnet
  1. The appearance of ASICs never causes the price to crash. It’s likely that the effect will be opposit to what you described.
  2. I’ve answered it already.
  3. Cold Staking is a sufficient feature at the right moment of the cycle.
  4. I’m not responsible for marketing-related questions.
  5. We are planning to implement scalability solutions with sidechains or a new protocol. Interoperability is the future.
  6. Not in the current stage of CLO.
  7. It’s too early to tell. I’m always in favor of technical collaboration but it is mostly depends on their position about our project.
  1. Exchanges require payments in BTC. CLO payments does not work.
  2. Binance is likely to lose its positions. I think that Huobi is going to replace it within the next months. As for listing on exchange that will be losing its positions after you are listed there — its just a waste of funds.
  1. It’s not yet decided whether we will do it or not. It’s too early to say something.
  2. No, I have less.
  3. Not TheDAO.




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