Creating and signing up EOS account, sending & receiving transactions.

This guide will show you the step-by-step process of creating and registering an EOS account (wallet) from scratch using Scatter. Also here I will show the process of sending and receiving transactions.

5 min readOct 9, 2018

As an example, I will show how to make a deposit to the exchange wallet and how to withdraw EOS from the exchange.

Creating EOS account.

0. Buy some EOS at your exchange. I’m using Bitfinex.

1. Generate a pair of EOS keys. You can use this service. You can also use any offline key generator.

2. Save your public key and private key securely.

3. Download Scatter and install it.

4. Open Scatter. Pick a password and input it twice. Then click “Create new Scatter” button.

5. Save your “password backup” words. Then click “Okay” red button.

6. Accept the “Welcom to scatter” greeting (upper right corner blue button).

7. Click “Choose automatic backup location” button. Then select any folder where you want Scatter to save your files.

8. Now you can see the Scatter default page. Click “Vault” button.

9. Click “New”.

10. Click “Import”.

11. Click “Text or QR”.


12. Copy & Paste your PRIVATE KEY that you saved at step 1.


13. You can now see your new account in the Vault. Left click it.

14. Then click “show public keys”.

15. At the dropdown menu left click the EOSIO shareable key. A popup notification “Copied EOSIO Public Key to Clipboard” should appear.

16. Now you need a EOS name for your account. Go to this page and input a name into the Account Name text box. Then click “Query” blue button.

NOTE: You can only use digits from 1 to 5 and letters from a to z. EOS name must be 12 characters long.

If the name is not free, then you should choose another one.

17. Go to your exchange and make a withdrawal. Input the signupeoseos into “Address” input box. Input your desired account name (see step 16) followed by a dash(-) and then your desired EOS public key (see step 15) into the “Memo” input box. Send some EOS with your transaction. 2–3 EOS will be enough. Request the withdrawal and wait for the transaction to submit.

18. Return to the Scatter app. Go to your Vault, click your VaultEntry then click the “Refresh Linked Accounts” button. Your newly assigned account name will appear.

NOTE: In some cases, network problems may prevent your Scatter from connecting to the node. Also, Scatter node may be blocked in some countries. (1) Make sure that your internet connection is fine. (2) Make sure that you can connect to the default Scatter node. You should change the node if some connection problems arise. (3) You can use VPN if the node that you want to connect to is blocked in your country.

Congratulations! You can now use your account of the EOS network. Let’s move on to transaction sending & receiving.

Withdrawing your EOS from exchanges.

Go to your exchange Withdrawal tab. Input the name of your account into the Address input box. You must input the 12-characters name of your account, not the public key!
NOTE: EOS transactions are free. All the commissions you see are taken by your exchange.

Sending EOS from your account.

  1. Let’s make a deposit to the exchange wallet. Go to your exchange deposit tab and choose EOS. You should find the “address” (12-characters string) and the “memo” there.

2. Go to your Scatter app and click the “Send” button.

3. Then switch to the “Customize” button. This will show you an additional input field where you need to input the “memo”.

4. Copy & Paste the “name” of destination account and the “memo” into the corresponding input fields. Chose your EOS mainnet account at the “From Account” dropdown menu. Then send a transaction with the “Send” button.

NOTE: In some cases, the memo is not required to send a transaction. For example, if you send a transaction between your own addresses. However, the memo field is necessary to make a deposit into an exchange account.

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