Dex223 development report (11/2/2023)

4 min readNov 2, 2023

Dex223 media

We will use Callisto media to publish Dex223 news and updates for now. This will also allow us to drive the traffic from general announcements (on Ethereum or general crypto media) directly to Callisto Network media.

ERC-223 <-> ERC-20 token converter

EIP is submitted. There is an ongoing process of separating EIPs and ERCs on Ethereum. Token Converter will be classified as ERC and therefore needs to be moved to their new repo.

The UI is completed. There will be only slight tweaks now.

There was a bug discovered in the smart-contracts source code that allowed ERC-223 tokens to be converted into ERC-223-wrapper-tokens as if they were ERC-20 (because our version of ERC-223 wrapper tokens supports ERC-20 transferring patterns as well). Once this bug is fixed we will proceed to final audit and mainnet deployment.


Contracts source codes:


ERC-20 losses calculator

In order to gain a strong argument in the “ERC-20 vs ERC-223” discussion we are building a script that calculates the amount of lost ERC-20 tokens.

The script is almost completed. We are making final adjustments to remove “accidentally detected” tokens — those tokens that were deposited to the contracts on purpose and therefore must be excluded from the amount of “lost” tokens.

Read more about ERC-20 security flaws that we are trying to fight:

Work in progress version of the script page:

The source codes of the logical part:

Dex223 exchange

Exchange contract development is still in the very early design stage. Trial version of the auto-listing contract is completed. We have started working on the UI development.

There are some UI references. We are trying to make the UI as familiar to users who already had experience with Uniswap as possible.

The main problem right now is to separate swaps and margin trading. Lending/borrowing orders require a UI that doesn’t have any analogues on existing DEXes.

Auto-listing UI will be provided later.

Auto-listing contract source codes:

ERC-223 guidelines & templates

Track ERC-223 development here:

ERC-223 related activity will start in November. As of now there is no progress in this area.

There is also some activity related to ERC-223 that needs to be addressed first:

Policy of financial transparency

Dex223 adheres to the policy of financial transparency. Development expenses and funds allocations will be commented in this issue if it does not violate GDPR or other laws: