Dex223 pre-sale round 2 completion report.

4 min readJan 13, 2024


Token sale

Dex223 pre-sale round 2 was successfully completed on Jan 6. We sold out all the allocated tokens (160,000,000 D223).

A total of $174,000 were raised during this round including the private sale (39.54 ETH, 58800 USDT, 14000 USDC / find a complete financial report here). The development of the exchange will be continued as planned as we have enough funds to complete the first version.

Advertisement activity

During this stage we utilized different promotion strategies so I’d like to share some details regarding their efficiency.

1. Callisto, Absolute wallet and EOS Support communities

The announcements were made in the above mentioned communities and within the first days approximately $30,000 worth of tokens were purchased before we started any other promotion.

2. Email newsletter

We had a list of emails of twitter users who had “crypto” “bitcoin” “tokens” keywords in their bio and we planned to send out 2.5M direct emails describing our token sale.

However, Sendgrid banned our account without providing any adequate explanations if we violated any service rules with out activity. As the result not all the email notifications were properly sent. Here is the statistic of the newsletter:

This method didn’t prove to be efficient in action. Even though some users did bought the tokens — the users who did it as the result of a email notification purchased very small amounts. No more than $10,000 worth of tokens in total were purchased by those who followed a email link.

3. Paid crypto media

We’ve paid for a publication on BeInCrypto ($2000 / publication link) and U.Today ($700 / publication link).

Bigger crypto media like CoinDesk would charge $10,000 per publication so it wasn’t reasonable to pay as it may have no effect so we decided to give smaller media a try.

Traffic values seemed fine for the price. When the articles were published, unfortunately, it did not bring us positive results.

Here is the page visits statistic and and brought us a total of 53 visits:

It can be concluded that advertisement via paid articles on crypto media is a waste of money.

4. CryptoRank listing

We paid CryptoRank $4000 for the listing.

This was a one-time payment and Dex223 will be there when we will have our next ICO rounds.

A total of 513 users visited page following a CryptoRank’s link. As we could track who visited us from CryptoRank we were able to identify that those users bought $6715 worth of tokens.

In general CryptoRank is worth the payment.

5. AMAs in telegram channels

We had a total of three AMAs scheduled:

While it’s quite hard to measure the amount of users who bought the tokens as the result of an AMA, we can conclude that this method of advertising is one of the most efficient.

Most of the token purchases were made between January 3 and January 6. It corelates with the page visits chart:

When the announcements of our AMAs on 4th came out the page visits spiked.

6. Twits, advertisers & influencers

Some tweets were submitted at the end of the ICO round, for example

Most of this occurred alongside AMAs around Jan 4 when we sold out most of our tokens.

We would like to thank EOS Support for helping us with onboarding advertisers and influencers as they did really great job in this direction which helped us significantly.


According to our experience media presence in local communities, twitter or onboarding third party advertisers brings us the biggest effect. We will focus on this promotion methods in the future as the result.

And a little bit more stats for those who really love stats: