Dispelling uncertainty around Callisto as a DApp platform and smart-contracts in general

Myth: value of a project reflects the development progress

Why we don’t need “yet another DApp platform”

I don’t want Callisto to be a DApp development platform

If we have a plan to move to a newer codebase or a consensus protocol, then we have absolutely no reason to develop tools, infrastructure and attract smart contract developers to CLO. All of these tools, DApps, and infrastructure improvements will be thrown away when we upgrade to a newer protocol. This will turn the development of these features into a complete waste of time and resources.

Why have we promoted Callisto smart-contracts in the past?

Now it’s clear that we should no longer promote DApps in the CLO, because we are looking forward to switching to a newer and better code base or a consistent protocol.

Why did we accepted Monopoly game development then?

Why do we have smart-contracts in CLO?



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