Response to Vitalik’s speech about ERC 23

Vitaliks’ original speech about ERC23 in Russian:

English variant:

  1. Users can lose their tokens in contracts and it often happens.
  2. There is no way to handle incoming token transactions.
  3. I like Ethereum’s ideology “similar things should have similar logic of code” but ERC20 transactions are not similar to Ether transactions.
  4. approve function is potentially vulnerable in current implementation. Read more here.
  1. Transfers value.
  2. Could be handled.
  3. Can execute functions in contract.
  4. Could be rejected if something goes wrong or executed function is not accepting payments.
  5. Can contain hex messages.
  6. There is no difference between “send transaction into contract” and “send transaction into wallet address” from users point of view.

Let me comment some moments.

  1. transferToAddress can become rudimentary.
  2. transferToContract will be executed every time someone is trying to send transaction to a wallet-contract that contains code.
  3. Wallet-contracts should implement ReceiverInterface to receive tokens.
  4. It may be a good idea to implement it by default like empty fallback function() payable { } that will allow to receive Ether.




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