The Change in the world that we are all part of.

2 min readApr 17, 2022


Due to recent events, I had to move out from Russia. In this article I will talk about what problems of modern financial systems I had to experience.

At this time VISA and MASTERCARD blocked russian cards. Almost all payment systems refused to service money transfers in Russia as well.

It was even worse since Russian banks stopped exchanging native currency (RUB) for USD or EUR so I had no chance to get extra cash. I’ve spent quite a lot of time trying to obtain the UnionPay card and when I did it turns out it doesn’t work either.

So, I was hoping to open a bank account and order a card in my new country of residence.

It should be noted that I don’t hold any cash since 2016. All my holdings are 100% in crypto. Whenever I need to pay something I’m exchanging crypto for the local currency and transferring to my card. Luckily crypto exchanges have not blocked my account (I’m not using Binance due to thier policy).

When I arrived it turned out that it is possible to exchange USDT for cash USD anywhere in here. The process takes 5–10 min. You just go to an office and a staff member gives you an address to send your transfer. When the transaction is confirmed they give you cash. That’s it. Fast and simple.

At the same time, I am still trying to open a bank account, but the requirements are a bit unclear, banks do not work on holidays (unlike crypto — blockchains always work) and the number of documents that I need increases the time needed. I spent 7 days opening a bank account with suitable conditions for a foreigner and I will wait another 5 days until they can mint a debit card. And all of this serves the same goal — just give me the opportunity to transfer my money.

Being in the center of what is happening, I clearly understand how technologically and procedurally cryptocurrencies are superior to the workflow of banks. 10 minutes VS 12 days.

It is even clearer when you start touching cash after 5 years of using e-money only. These archaic pieces of paper or metal coins are disgusting. You clearly realize that these can be lost, stolen or ruined and it can easily happen.

We can witness how the financial system is changing, how a better financial world is being born before our eyes. This is happening already around the globe. Changes are slowly taking place in our everydays life. We are all part of this change.