Callisto Network is launching an “early adopters SBT campaign”. You can now request your SBT by commenting on the following twitter thread:

What are SBTs?

SoulBound Tokens are non-transferable NFTs that you can own, but cannot give to anyone else. The point is that we have a type of “valuables” in the world that can only be represented by a SBT. A good example is a driver license — you can get it, you can own it, you can show it as a proof but you can’t give it to someone else.

You can read more about SBT role in the crypto industry here.

What are CallistoSBTs?

CallistoSBT is a token standard for SoulBound Tokens. ERC721 features are too limited and it doesn’t fit the role we want SBTs to fill so we decided to build our own token standard from scratch and not to reuse the NFT codes.

The source code can be found here:

Key features that CallistoSBT standard provides:

  1. Data structures. You can write data onto SBTs.
  2. Permission management. You can manage who can write what onto your SBTs.
  3. User-defined content. The owner of a SBT can write his data to his own SBT.

For example, SBT can represent a security audit report recorded on-chain: (1) security auditor can attach the report link to the token, (2) owner of the SBT can comment but cannot change the link that auditor assigned. SBT may prove that the DAPP address (of a contract) that it is assigned to is audited.

What is the purpose of this “personalized” SBT set?

CallistoSBT is still in development. We want to offer users the opportunity to express their needs and expectations so that we could optimize the code.

This is like “beta testing” of the new token.

What is the purpose of participating?

You can help the industry growth by providing your input/feedbacks. You will have an opportunity to get your first SBT for free.

It is possible to tune the explorers, wallets, on-chain services so that these could display SBTs — the sooner we will have a working prototype in use the better.

We believe that SBTs may become a new buzzword in the crypto industry just like it was with ICOs, DeFi, NFTs in the previous cycles.

What are the future use cases for SBTs?

  1. A link between Identity and on-chain address.
  2. Insurance on-chain contracts.
  3. Security audit reports for DAPPs on-chain.
  4. Digital documents that can be issued, updated or revoked by the issuer.
  5. Digital documents that require a third party to sign/verify it as notary companies.