Dex223 development report (2/8/2024)

4 min readFeb 8, 2024


This article is a development report of a Dex223 decentralized exchange.

We’re building an exchange to speed up adoption of the ERC-223 token standard. ERC-223 was created to solve a security problem in the older ERC-20 standard. Security issue of ERC-20 caused $200M losses on Ethereum in 2023.

Take a look at Dex223 development reports.

Pre-sale round 2 is completed

We have successfully sold out our pre-sale tokens, the round completion report can be found here.

Long story short: we have enough funds to cover all our marketing expenses and development of the MVP.

January AMAs & marketing activities

January was a busy month for us and I was mostly engaged in marketing activities.

Social media growth

Roadmap defined

Our roadmap is drafted and discussed in this issue at github. web page is updated to list the roadmap section now.

Private sale update

The previous round of the private sale was closed alongside the pre-sale round. A new private sale round is now ongoing, the min token purchase criteria of $5000 was introduced in this round.

The price is now 1 D223 = $0.0008 during the private sale.

Smart-contracts are in development

We were mostly focused on the marketing this month, but we are starting the implementation of the auto-listing and margin trading features.

The auto-listings “trial” contract is deployed on Sepolia Testnet:

This will allow us to advance in the development of the UI and its integration with the contracts.

We’ve also completed the interface for the margin trading module contract. The logic is not yet released as we are investigating different options for the integration with existing DEXes. Our main idea is to enable users to execute “margin trades” not only on Dex223 platform markets but also on the markets of Uniswap V3 and compatible DEXes.

ERC-223 is being added to documentation

We are waiting for our pull request to be approved:

Research and further plans

Traditional stock assets integration. We want to enable users to trade Google, Apple, Tesla and other stocks on our DEX platform alongside the crypto assets. We will not be launching a crypto token backed 1:1 by the stock, but we are researching a method of implementing it in a different way within smart-contracts. For now we need to find a reliable source of mark price or a robust method of “adjusting the system in the long term” if the source of mark price would need to be updated. This is one of the musthave features in our opinion alongside the margin trading and auto-listing.

Legal entity creation. We will need a legal entity for the exchange listings. This will be one of our next steps.

Crosschain swaps. ZetaChain introduced a technology for cross-chain swaps and proposed us to implement their protocol. This is not our top priority task right now but we will investigate this in the future as the feature sounds valuable.

Cold transactions support. To increase the security of the platform, we would like to provide users with the ability to make transactions from a device other than the one used to display the DEX UI. It would be great if at the stage of pressing the “swap” button a user would not be prompted to connect MetaMask (or other Web3 wallet) but also shown a QR code that can be scanned or sent to another device where the transaction signing would happen.

Awesome proof of concept

There is a special EIP on Ethereum that implements similar idea, the ERC-681. However it turned out that it has very limited support on the wallets side. We are actively investigating any alternatives.